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How's the Hot Water Heater Room?

Utility rooms in commercial building complexes should be inspect for the detection of mold.  Utility rooms tend to be hot and humid and a perfect breeding ground for mold. 

Call in your SERVPRO team from Burke-Clifton-Fairfax Station to check your buildings for mold.  We can be reached 24/7 on (703) 250-6300.

Keep Your Establishment Water Tight

If  you have water damage in your commercial establishment, whether it is an inn, restaurant, office building, apartment, etc., call your local SERVPRO professionals at SERVPRO Burke-Clifton-Fairfax Station for your water remediation needs.  We're fast to respond and will get you up and running again in no time. Call us on (703) 250-6300 anytime 24/7.

Who has the store next door?

Many times businesses share walls with neighboring businesses. In this case, a retail phone center was sharing a wall with the kitchen of a next door restaurant. What we thought was a burst pipe if their office turned out to be a flood from the ice machine in the kitchen next door.

Commercial retail can stay open while we're working...

Many times disasters only affect a portion of a retail space. In this instance, it was a leak from the garage over top the store that affected about 100 SF of retail space. We were able to contain the workspace which the store was business as usual.

Elevator Shaft in Fairfax, Virginia

We were recently called out to take a look at an elevator shaft at a building in Fairfax Virginia where a sump pump had failed over time and went unchecked. SERVPRO of Burke-Clifton-Fairfax Station developed and executed a plan that put the elevator shaft back to pre loss condition!

Sewage backup in the engineering office-

When a main line sewer backed up- it hit and flooded the closest drains which were located in this engineering rooms at a commercial building. This is the type of specialized disaster that SERVPRO is great at. If you experience a disaster at a property you're responsible for, call SERVPRO of Burke-Clifton-Fairfax Station at 703-250-6300.